Here are a few popular options we carry!
We're a direct dealer for many major brands, so please let us know if you're searching for ANYTHING!

Optics, magazines, BULK ammunition,
cleaning supplies, and oh yea -GUNS are just the beginning!


is a proud supporter of the NRA

and encourage you to join us in protecting your gun rights.

The Calguns Foundation is the sword and shield for law abiding California gun owners. They are constantly fighting our legal battles and keep us informed of their progress. If you can donate, donate to the CGF!


Here are some pictures of past projects,
but we often post newer projects to our
FACEBOOK page, so check them out!
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This is a target that a customer brought back in to us after we re-barreled his Rem 700 chambered in 270 win. After the barrel break in, he began working up his handload. This is the end result and a 3-shot group at 100 yards. His 2nd and 3rd shot were only slightly higher making a ragged hole.



Here is an example of a rusted/damaged firearm that we restored:

After we completely disassembled, stripped the rust and Cerakoted the rifle and polished the bolt body and then reassembled.


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