We're the experts you've been looking for!

Central Valley Guns has over 50 years of combined experience shooting and accurizing rifles. We specialize in hunting and target rifles, more than capable of sub-MOA accuracy.   

We don't have a production line cranking out rifles -we're the experts taking the time to make each rifle right, the way you need it.

Come for the rifle, leave with peace of mind.

Weather you want a new turn-key package, or a mild-to-wild update for dad's old 700, we're here to get the job done and provide you with the knowledge and tools to make the most of every shot! Every build starts with YOU and your goals, so stop on by so we can talk about the rifle of your dreams!



If the custom gun isn't what you need, choose a caliber from one of our complete package rifles! We'll provide you with a scoped, hunt-ready rifle in a hard case, with ammunition specially crafted to YOUR GUN. Expect the same level of care and craftsmanship -we'll break in the barrel and find the exact load for the bullet you choose to shoot -including lead free! 

We've got you covered!


Custom Rifles

Lead Free? No Problem!

Custom Ammunition

Attention all hunters and 

competition shooters!

If you demand the absolute best 

from your rifle, we have you covered! Choose from one of our most popular target or hunting packages, or have us build a unique combination!  


Custom Ammunition

Lead Free? No Problem!

Custom Ammunition

Just like a racing engine uses specially formulated fuel, your rifle needs custom tailored ammunition to achieve the best possible results. With our rifles, we offer barrel break-in and load development so when you pick up your new rifle, all you need to do is point and shoot! 


Lead Free? No Problem!

Lead Free? No Problem!

Lead Free? No Problem!

If you're stuck in a state that requires lead-free ammo, we have you covered! We know exactly how to get accurate and reliable results. Our barrels are custom tailored for each build: hand-lapped and expertly machined to the required specifications.